How often should I check and clean my wheel bearings?
Refer to manufacturer’s guidelines for suggested maintenance intervals.
Can synthetic greases be used in the AARC Bearing Packer?
Yes, many types of bearing grease can be used. Always remember to check, clean and lubricate the seals regularly.
Can I mix different types of grease when greasing bearings?
No, it is not recommended. Different types of grease can react with one another and the qualities of the grease can be diminished greatly, resulting in poor lubrication.
What’s the largest size bearing that can be cleaned and greased with the AARC Bearing Cleaner and Bearing Packer?
  • Small aircraft
  • Auto
  • ATVs
  • RVs
  • Trailers
What kind of cleaning agent is recommended for the AARC Bearing Cleaner?
Many parts cleaning fluids and biodegradable degreasers work well.
My AARC Bearing Cleaner plunger is really tight – what should I do?
Apply lubricant or grease to U-cup seal.
What should I do if my AARC Bearing Cleaner sprays solvent when I pull the piston handle all the way back?
Open the handle end of Cleaner and drain fluid. Reapply lubricant or grease to U-cup seal area.
I ran over my AARC Bearing Packer with my truck…
Call 715.639.2042 to purchase a replacement!