AARC Bearing Cleaner

The Only Self-Contained Flushing System Designed Specifically to Clean Wheel Bearings!

Clean Bearings in Seconds!

• Flushing force removes gunk from hard to access areas

• Inspection process is enhanced

•Re-use bearings with confidence that they are not pitted, rusted or worn

*Patent Pending


AARC Bearing Packer

The Quick, Easy, Efficient way to Grease Wheel Bearings!

Pack Bearings in Seconds!

• Wheel bearings are greased perfectly every time

• Spend only a few seconds per bearing with hardly any preparation

• No wasted grease and rags: use only the amount you need for the job, with minimal mess

• Accepts standard grease tubes and seals them cleanly between uses


How Do they Work?

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