Bearing Cleaner Technical Information

To Use the AARC Bearing Cleaner to Clean a Wheel Roller Bearing:

1.  Ensure that the black gasket is in place inside the yellow cone.
Ensure that the piston and U-cup seal are sufficiently lubricated.
Inside view of the Bearing Cleaner
Select a suitable container and cleaning fluid. Remove the black cone plug from the Bearing Cleaner.
Bearing Cleaner with bearing and container to clean in
Place the black cone plug – point upwards – in the container. Place the bearing – large diameter upward – on the cone as shown.
Dirty bearing in an empty container
Fill the container with cleaning fluid.
Dirty bearing in container filled with cleaning fluid
Prepare the Bearing Cleaner by fully depressing the piston shaft.
Dirty bearing in container with cleaning fluid and Bearing Cleaner about to be placed on the bearing
Place the yellow cone over the bearing and slowly draw cleaning fluid through the bearing by aggressively moving the piston handle up and down.
Bearing Cleaner placed over dirty bearing in container filled with cleaning fluid
Repeat 4 to 5 times to flush the cleaning fluid through the rollers and bearing cage. Inspect bearing and repeat if necessary.
Bearing Cleaner shown in use sucking cleaning fluid through the bearing
Complete the process by fully depressing the piston shaft to remove all of the fluid from the cleaner.
Bearing Cleaner shown in use pushing cleaning fluid out through the bearing
Remove the bearing from the container and dry the fluid from the bearing.
Clean bearing sitting on lid cone drying
Replace lid on cone to protect from dust and dirt.

Technical Features:

  • High quality durable polymer construction
  • All components petrochemical resistant
  • Packaged in convenient clam shell container suitable for storage
  • Simple design
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