Bearing Cleaner

Bearing Cleaner

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AARC Bearing Cleaner Quick and Easy Instructions:

Use suitable container no less than 6” x 6” and 4” deep. Fill with cleaning fluid to minimum of 3”.

1. Place black cone small end up in fluid and position the bearing to be cleaned on top of it. 
Bearing sitting next to the Bearing Cleaner and a container for cleaning fluidBearing in a container with cleaning fluid
2. With plunger completely down, place cleaner cone over bearing and flush aggressively 4-5 times.
Bearing in a container with cleaning fluid and the Bearing Cleaner about to be placed on the bearingBearing Cleaner placed on the bearing in a container with cleaning fluid
Examine bearing for cleanliness and repeat flushing if necessary.
Dry bearing in preparation for packing grease in the roller.
5. Replace lid on cone to protect from dust and dirt.


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