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Bearing Packer

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AARC Bearing Packer Instructions:

The AARC Bearing Packer is your quick, clean and stress-free way to lubricate wheel bearings.

1. To load grease tube, open Bearing Packer at cone end and remove yellow tube adapter. Slide yellow tube adaptor to end of grease tube.
Bearing grease tube with yellow tube adapter on the end
2. Place grease tube in Bearing Packer and replace cone end making sure the black gasket is in place.
Placing the grease tube inside of the Bearing Packer
Cone Plug Option: Place bearing large end down in yellow cone. Insert blue cone plug inside bearing hub. Holding blue cone plug in place, press down on entire end to force grease through rollers.
Blue cone plugHolding blue cone plug in place and pressing down to push grease through rollers
Plate Plug Option: Select one of four blue plates to match outside diameter of inner race. Place blue plate with bearing, large end down, onto yellow cone. Apply pressure until plate floats and center bearing on plate. Apply pressure on inner bearing race to force grease through roller.
4 blue plate plugsApplying pressure on inner bearing race to force grease through rollers
5. Remove blue cone plug and bearing, wiping excess grease back into yellow cone. Replace lid on cone to protect from dust and dirt.



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